Everyone is creative and anyone can enjoy the creative process.

But from time to time,

all of us experience difficulty getting our creative spark  going.

Do one or more of these sound very familiar lately?

  • You feel an urge to be creative, but don’t know where to start.

  • You used to be creative, but stopped and feel stuck.

  • Your nest is empty and creativity is sounding more and more appealing.

  • You tend to procrastinate when it comes to being creative.

  • You feel too overwhelmed to be creative.

  • Negative self-talk gets in your way sometimes.

You are not alone.

As your creativity coach, I use gentle proven processes to help you work through obstacles that block your creativity, experience artistic freedom in new ways, and enable you to live out your creative dreams. I’ll work as your guide in the process of unfolding your path from within to find or regain your creative spark. You’ll learn strategies to live in balance in order to live a more authentic, creative, and fulfilling life. The key is unlocking and unblocking YOU to help you light that fire once again.

artist at her computer consulting a Creativity Coach on the phone
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

Useful Tools:

Learn ways to get through blocks common to many creative people!

  • Understand creativity as self-care

  • Discover how to find time and energy to be creative

  • Feel more consistently inspired

  • Be more satisfied with your results

  • Experience a sense of wholeness and joy

  • Take your creativity to a new level

  • Gain methods of dealing effectively with perfectionism and self-sabotage

  • Deal more efficiently with procrastination and feeling overwhelmed

  • Find new ways of getting inspired and sparking ideas

  • Be more confident!

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