25 Writing Prompts for Self-Reflection in 2019

Human beings are individuals with their own stories. Our life experiences are not like those of anyone else. We have desires, motivations, twisting plot lines, interesting characters, and all the feelings. Even if you think your life wasn’t worth writing about, I guarantee your story is interesting to someone. But how do you find your story, especially if you’re not a writer?

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Our story, which is our life, is made up of moments. Don’t think of a big, overwhelming “write your life story” kind of scope. Focus on tiny moments. When you knew you had a best friend. The first time you got a good grade. How much you liked a certain food. When someone special smiled at you. These moments add up to a whole person.

Try taking half a page and five minutes, and just free-write anything that comes to mind on one topic. Take them in order, randomly, once a week, your choice. Self-reflection can also help you envision who you want to become and where you want to be. See how what you write can inspire new ideas! As an example, I used #3 around Halloween one year and came up with some really fun tombstone decorations for my party. The different saying on each one really got the guests talking about what they’d like to have said about them.

  1. Describe a place that feels like home.

  2. What’s your favorite memory?

  3. What do you want your tombstone/memorial/eulogy to say?

  4. Who do you admire the most?

  5. What is/was your favorite piece of clothing and why?

  6. What are you self-conscious about?

  7. What is one thing that, as a child, you wanted to have when you grew up?

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  8. If money were no object, what kind of business would you own?

  9. What one thing is guaranteed to make you smile?

  10. What is your favorite color and why?

  11. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

  12. How are you physically different from five years ago?

  13. What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

  14. When you are feeling down, what can cheer you up?

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  15. What superpower would you choose to have?

  16. I couldn’t live without….

  17. What is your dream vacation?

  18. Write about a time you felt you failed. What did you learn from it?

  19. Do you like or dislike routine and why?

  20. What are your current top five goals outside of work?

  21. What’s your favorite dessert?

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  22. What are you most grateful for this week?

  23. What advice would you give to someone 10 years younger than yourself?

  24. When was the last time you felt appreciated? By whom?

  25. Write a letter to yourself in the future, five years from now. (NOTE: you can actually do this at https://www.futureme.org/ and schedule when you want it to be emailed to yourself!)

(These are also great to keep and see how your answers might change next year.)

BONUS TIP: if you’re just not getting the writing bug and are more visual? Try an image search in Google using the key words in each prompt. Do the images inspire you in any way?