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Around the Hearth

Ongoing: A free block of time where you can get things done. Whatever you need to do, be it work, paying bills, getting to do your creative projects, taking a breather, or even straighten your desk, come on over! It’s all simpler in this safe space and time held just for you. No obligations, just great community that is grounding and connecting. Afternoon and evening sessions available to fit into your schedule. To sign up and get the link: Pull up a seat!

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The Fireside Chat

An ongoing exclusive creativity group giving you inspiration through weekly fun tips and prompts in a gentle, non-overwhelming manner.

  • Community based and includes access to a private Facebook group where members can share and support each other
  • A monthly live webinar where we can enhance and explore creativity. Perfect for those who think they aren’t “artists”. Shy or outgoing it will be a safe place for you to discover and explore!
  • One email coaching session in your 3rd month
  • A structure to help you focus on your creativity

Join the club for the ridiculously reasonable rate of only $18 a month!

Sign up here: Fireside Chat

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Fuel for the Fire

A week-long FREE email series designed to give you a gentle nudge a day for inspiration. Enjoy an image, a couple short paragraphs, and three questions to help kindle your creative spark and get you thinking about potential and possibility. Sign up here to start your free series and get those creative fires burning again!

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